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Land Forces Military Training Area Wędrzyn

52°25'09.2"N 15°10'25.2"E

Wędrzyn military training ground

History of Military Training Area in Wędrzyn began before 1939, when residents living in place Lędów were displaced. This event started preparations to create a military training ground. On October 1, 1939 in Truppenubungsplatz Wandern an elite german unit Polizei-Division was formed, later officially known as Wafen-SS.

LFMTA Wędrzyn is designed to protect the training process of military units from Polish Armed Forces and other NATO member countries. The main task of LFMTA is to conduct complex tactical exercises with live firing excellence trainings for units from lowest to BCT level.

Military Training Area covers an area of almost 130 km2, its length is 26 km, and the total length of roads for wheeled vehicles is 41 km! It includes i.a. Tactical Assault Course, Tanks Live Firing Range, Water Crossing Training Area and the MOUT Site "Nowy Mur".

MOUT Site is intended to train general purpose military troops and special ones to strengthen battalion in fighting in the urban area.

The city of Poznań


Poznań in brief:

- established in the 10th century,

- capital of the Voivodeship of Wielkopolska,

- population of 500,000 inhabitants,

- one of the largest academic centers in Poland,

- host city of Poznan International Fair (MTP),

- easily accessible from most European cities.

Access to Poznań:

Air travel - Ławica Airport is located 7 km from the city centre.

Train - main east-west train line, the Railway Station in the city centre.

Car - Motorway A2 (270 km to Berlin, 300 km to Warsaw).

Tourist attractions of Poznan:

Old Market Square - established in 1253, third biggest in Poland, with a renaissance Town Hall.

The Cathedral Island - mainstay of the Piast Dynasty, the first Polish bishopric (968).

Poznań Fortress - tight defensive ring around central Poznań built in 19th century (Prussia).

Imperial Castle - the last monarchical residence in Europe, built for German Emperor William II.

Malta Lake - artificial lake, one of the most up-to-date regatta courses in Europe.